on the « road to Emmaus »

from Sées to Ruillé. 

On the 23rd of May 2013: the Sisters of Providence of Sées met the Sisters of another Providence at the Mother House and the Retirement Home “Dujarié” at Ruillé.

The day began with warm greetings and a joyful noise. A cup of tea or coffee was very welcome. Each sister was given a name-badge that of the Sisters of Sées in the shape of a “Norman apple” and that of the Sisters of Ruillé a “Sarthoise saucepan”.

The Eucharistic Celebration was an important moment. Slowly but surely we have travelled a long way together since 2000. We thanked God and placed our future into his hands.

When it was time to share the meal a pleasant mix of the sisters of both congregations around the table facilitated friendly conversations, which helped us get to know each other better.  

Next we left for the « Little Providence” the small house of our origins, the place of pilgrimage to the source.

We had three points of focus for this visit:

  • The chapel and its altar with its depiction of the Mystery of Christmas, the Mystery of the Incarnation, the basis of our spirituality.
  • Our Founders: Father Dujarié, Mother du Roscoät and Mother Marie Lecor.
  • Our Foundations: in France, in Indiana USA, in England, Belgium and the Netherlands and  in Sri Lanka 1948 and Madagascar 1964. Added to these the Foundations of our sisters in America, Peru and China, where they are still present.

The last visit was to Dujarié, the Retirement Home, where the Directress, the sisters and the staff were waiting for us.

This was a welcome in song:

« Sisters of Providence of Sées and of Ruillé

We are truly happy to meet you at last.

We have been travelling together for a long time.

And this is the day of the great meeting” 

Next followed light refreshments during which tongues were once more loosened.  A hymn to the Blessed Virgin rounded up this day of familial encounters, exchanges and discovery. 

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