Influential Personalities

Among others, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Francis de Sales and St. Ignatius of Loyola made an impression on our Founders.

 An Incarnational Spirituality

In the 17th century Pierre de Bérulle was at thesource of a powerful, spiritual and missionary trend which came to be known as the “French School”. It emphasised a spirituality of relationship and openness to God through the humanity of Jesus Christ.

Pierre de Bérulle had also been a pupil of the Jesuits and he was a key figure in bringing the Carmelites to France. These trends have influenced the spirituality of our Congregation.

Influence on Father Dujarié

Father Dujarié lived at the time of the French School and was formed at Angers seminary run by the Sulpicien Fathers, who based their teaching on a theology of the Incarnation which was spread by Pierre de Bérulle. The three great axes of this spirituality are: Incarnation, Baptism and Mission.

Influences on our Congregation:

  • In the customs and devotions of the Congregation: devotion to the Sacred Heart and to the Eucharist, a special devotion to the Nativity and to the Holy Family,
  • In faith in the Providence of the Father who gives us his Son,
  • In seeking the glory of God.


Jean Eudes, a great advocate of devotion to the Sacred Heart, also inspired Father Dujarié in the composing of the “Prayer of the Reunion” which remains the family prayer of the Sisters of Providence.

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