The Incarnation, revelation of the Divine Mystery.

God became man so that the life of God permeates all that is human. Through the coming of Jesus, all the dimensions of human life assume new greatness.

To live a spirituality of the Incarnation is to allow Jesus Christ to carry on his Incarnation within us. This presupposes a life of deep communion with Christ and a life rooted in our day-to-day realities.


The spirituality of our Founders

Father Dujarié

Difficult situations and struggles formed him and made of him a man of courage and of deep faith in a Provident God. He was also a man who was passionate for God and for people, who was always open to the Spirit and to the needs of his time.

"I am a priest so as to be the consolation of the widow, the father of the orphan, the support of the poor and the friend of those who suffer ." 

(27th May 1803)

Mother Marie Madeleine (Zoé du Roscöat)

A few notes in her journal enable us to see the roots of her spirituality:

“I shall work at obtaining, and I shall ask the Lord without ceasing, the virtues of humility, constant patience, detachment, love of difficulties. Finally I shall apply myself to obtain this unfailing abandonment to the fatherly goodness of God that only wants his good pleasure. I shall only seek his greater glory in everything." 


Mother Marie (Perrine Aimée Lecor)

Mother Marie had a deep sense of the transcendence of God, of God as the Absolute, of God’s goodness...

She wrote to the Sisters: "Have confidence in God and always remember how he has wanted us to learn to count on Him alone, because he is everything and he suffices for everything!"

Her whole spirituality can be summed up in these virtues: childlike abandonment to Providence, humility, simplicity, obedience and charity.


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