The Charism is a gift for the Church and the world. For us, to share our Charism, is not only a necessity but a vocation:

"Carry within you the desire to awaken the fire of the Gospel within men and women, so that they may be able, in their turn, to spread the Good News throughout the world."  Constitutions n° 12

For several years lay people have joined us in sharing our Charism drawn from the Mystery of the Incarnation.

There are different types of relationships between these lay people and the Congregation :

  • Lay people who have links with a Community and live according to the spirituality of the congregation helping their spiritual growth.
  • Lay people living the Charism and the spirit of the Congregation committed to announce the Gospel.
  • Lay people engaged in continuing the works of the Congregation in faithfulness to the charism and the spirit:

in Schools

in homes for elderly and health care structures          

Jubilé - Jubilee - Jubeleum 2017


Scout leaders

in Lincoln




Message de Soeur Martine MEUWISSEN

supérieure générale


Noël 2017


Kerstmis 2017


Christmas 2017