In Europe

In France

Between 1806 and 1817 the seven foundations of the early days in the villages surrounding Ruillé, increased rapidly and spread into 12 Dioceses. In nine years, the communities grew from seven to 52.

Outside France

As anti-clerical laws were promulgated in France the General Council of the Congregation reflected on the situation of the teaching Sisters who at risk of losing their right to teach.  They looked for possibilities that would enable them to continue to teach and care for the sick in other countries: first of all in England, then in Belgium and finally in the Netherlands.

Foundation in England: 1896

Foundation in Belgium: 1897

Foundation in the Netherlands: 1902

Outside Europe

The United States

As early as 1840, at the request of the Bishop of Vincennes in Indiana, Mother Marie Lecor agreed to a foundation there.

Very quickly this foundation became the Congregation of 


the Sisters of Providence of St Mary of the Woods.

The first Superior General was Mother Théodore Guérin who was canonised in 2006.


Sri Lanka

In 1947, a new call came to Ruillé. The Government of Sri Lanka (Ceylon at that time) was asking for Religious Sisters to work in a TB Hospital.

Six Sisters were sent. In 1963 the European Sisters were expelled, but native Sisters were able to continue the mission of the Sisters of Providence in their country.



Having been sent from the Hospital the European Sisters, still animated by a missionary desire, left Sri Lanka and were ready to respond to another call for a mission in Madagascar in 1964.

There too, young people answered the Lord’s call, as they still do today.

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