Prayer and the spirit of service at the heart of our mission

for the glory of God.


Prayer and the spirit of service: two sides of the same coin, following the example of Christ who made himself a servant…….


“From his birth to his death Christ lived in incessant communion with the Father in the Spirit:

  • Sometimes apart in long periods of prayer,
  • Sometimes during encounters and events that made up his days.


Thus praise, thanksgiving, entreaties and intercession for others burst forth. “        

                                                  Constitutions No.19


Community Prayer,

the Prayer of the Church.

especially the Eucharist

 all lead us into deep communion with Christ and with others to accomplish the work of the Father.

“Through the Eucharist, ‘the source and summit of the whole Christian life ‘, Jesus Christ brings us together as his Church. He carries us with him into the great movement of love and thanksgiving… leading the whole of humanity that has become the Body of Christ… to the Father.”             Constitutions n° 22


Prayer pervades

our whole life.



Without it, our missionary activity cannot bear fruit. Through it, we participate in the work of the Father realised in Jesus Christ.


“In this solitude where God awaits you, come to him with everything that is in your heart, his kingdom, your mission, your brothers and sisters. Remain in his presence, allow the Spirit to pray in you and allow yourself to be moulded by him. Thus will your whole life become prayer.”           Constitutions n° 25

Jubilé - Jubilee - Jubeleum 2017


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