In our 1988 Chapter Acts we wrote:

“ Sisters of Providence, bearing the mark of our charism, we are sent on MISSION, with a particular attention to the Poor. “

“Like Christ, let us hear the cry of the poor, who, near or far, lack all that is humanly vital…Faced with such individual and collective situations, to be converted in our mentality and attitude is an evangelical obligation…

 We refuse that which would compromise with any form of social injustice.”                   Constitutions 45 - 46

“At the heart of God’s people, you must be aware of the life of humankind and of the Church: you must be attentive to the everyday realities of the environment in which you live, you must keep yourself informed about the problems of the world….


In solidarity with those around you:


  • As far as possible you relieve the suffering you encounter,
  • You share in the awakening of people’s consciences to the demands of social justice,
  • You undertake to allow each person to live with dignity and to find his/her place in life as a human being.


You must concern yourself with building up the Church in the area to which you have been sent. "                                                                                                            Constitutions n° 13


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