“Following the departure of Jesus, his disciples, filled with the power of Jesus’ Spirit, came together to continue living of his life and of his Risen presence. United in his name, they proclaimed the power of his message and announced the new life that is possible in him. In this way the first Christian communities were born."                   Constitutions no.58

Community is:


  • a sign of the presence of the dead and risen Christ, of the Kingdom already here, a place of welcome and sharing of each one’s mission.
  • the privileged place where we are called to live in love.
  • apostolic, allowing itself to be challenged by events and the lives of others both near and far.
  • a place of life where each one verifies with her Sisters that she is true to the calls and the mission given to her.


Our community life is founded on faith and finds its source in God Trinity. It is lived in sharing, real relationships, mutual confidence and the service of others

Religious of apostolic life our life is a response to the infinite love of God:

  • Who has taken us for himself and enables us to be available for others.
  • who frees our hearts from all forms of possessiveness and invites us to share.
  • Who brings us into communion with Christ, who receives his being and his mission from the Father.

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