In the 1835 Constitutions we read:

“… the Sisters will be ready to go to all places in the world where obedience will call them to work in the spirit of their Institute.”


Christ, sent by the Father, receives his mission and discovers it at each stage of his life: to reveal the Father’s love for everyone.

At Pentecost, by the gift of the Spirit, the newly born Church enters into Christ’s mission: to spread the Good News to the extremities of the earth.

Committed to an apostolic Congregation, whatever the continent where we are, we participate in the universal mission of the Church.


Our mission is

                      rooted in prayer,

                      in service of our brothers and sisters,

                      lived in a community.


Jubilé - Jubilee - Jubeleum 2017


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Message de Soeur Martine MEUWISSEN

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