Four Congregations have formed a Federation “Chemin d’Emmaüs » to:

  • witness to unity and fellowship by living in solidarity between Congregations of Apostolic Religious Life,
  • develop a greater collaboration in the service of the Church and the world today and to maintain the priority of serving the most fragile of our societies,
  • Respond to new calls by our presence and our rootedness among the people and the local Church,
  • Open ourselves up to new horizons which generating hope so    that we can welcome and share more widely the universality of the gospel message..


Providence of Sées

Be mediators of the Goodness and the Love of the Father. Since the 21st of May 2015, the Sisters of Sées became Sisters of Providence of Ruillé sur Loir.


Providence of St Andrew of Peltre

Announce the Tenderness and the Mercy of God-Providence.


Christian Instruction of Saint Gildas des Bois

Be humble and joyful witnesses of God’s Love.


Providence de Ruillé sur Loir

Be witnesses to the Love and Goodness of the Father.

What we live together:

  • Mutual help at the level of management and Mother Houses
  • deepening of our Charisms
  • Retreats together
  • Reflection on common themes
  • Celebrations
  • Social gatherings
  • Federal Communities responding to the needs of the Mission.
  • Meetings of school governors


Jubilé - Jubilee - Jubeleum 2017


Scout leaders

in Lincoln




Message de Soeur Martine MEUWISSEN

supérieure générale


Noël 2017


Kerstmis 2017


Christmas 2017