Retirement of the Providence in Olivet

To come to Providence a real gift

It was a real gift, good fortune to come to this Providence school in1993, to live and work in the spirit of the Sisters of Providence. I have held on to these words from the Sisters:  confidence, simplicity, joy, proximity... I also held on to: being open to others and respecting each one ... Over the past 23 years I have tried to be worthy of the inheritance I received from the Sisters
Thank you, Sisters, who left us this amazing mission, passionate, exciting, incredible mission ! Thank you Sister Marie Alain who is with us today...
Finally two little messages by way of sending forth ...
Dear parents, love your children, tell them that you love them, spend time with them, they are your true treasure…
Dear children, be aware  of your good fortune in being able to go to school and to learn. Respect this incredible place where one acquires a certain knowledge but also and above all a knowledge of how to be! That is what is missing the most for today’s young people.... And believe in Providence, it really is there with us.     Marie Bordage.

Thank you for the confidence in us

41 years of teaching and how quickly it goes when one loves what one does!   33 years in Providence. 10 years under the headship of Sister Marie Alain. I thank her for her presence.  I learnt a lot from you, Marie Alain. The spirit of the Sisters of Providence, welcoming everyone, respecting differences... I have tried to follow your example. I really want to express my gratitude for the confidence you had in me when you suggested that I should take over the responsibility of the nursery school. You pushed me, encouraged me. Marie Agnès Tavernier

Thank you to everyone!

Teachers, OGEC, A.P.E.L

Parents and pupils

Sainte Mère Théodore Guérin

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