Castellane, 14 years of presence thanks to

the Federation "Chemin d'Emmaüs"


Following a request from Mgr. Loizeau, the Bishop of Digne at that time, our Congregations had united their strengths to bring about this foundation in Castellane. We had responded to this request for a period of 10 years and the Sisters have actually completed a period of 14 years. They have exercised a mission of proximity to the whole population, with courage and faith, with simplicity and kindness. These last years the sociological realities of our Congregations have meant that we could no longer send other Sisters to replace them.


During the celebration of the 04/06/2016


Testimony of the Mayor

All of us, believers or not, practising or not, we are all very disappointed by the leaving of a very active religious and fraternal presence among us… In effect, since their arrival, all the Sisters who have been here have, with discretion and efficacy, with a smiling attentiveness to everyone, contributed largely to the growth of such a precious social link so much needed to-day to maintain and increase the feeling for the common good of all ...  having been totally involved, according to the charism of each one, in the life of our town they have given, with faithfulness, with human and spiritual competence, the best of themselves, not sparing the difficulties nor their meritorious efforts.


A few other testimonies


Thank you for such good times with Sister Marie Thérèse.  Thank you, Marie Thérèse, for investing yourself in the choir and the liturgy, for having enabled us to better understand the word of the Gospel through our friendly meetings.  Thank you for your listening ear, your support and your friendship. Your presence in my life will remain forever engraved in my memory and my heart.


Nelly, I who am usually so talkative, I am having difficulty in finding words. However, they are tripping over one another in my head but are hitting one another in coming out due to the sadness provoked by your leaving.  Behind your face that may at times be a bit grumpy there are hidden treasures:  Love for the children, kindness, a reassuring presence to the sick and all those you meet and that you come across, you have been a sincere and devoted friend. For me, during my difficulties, you have been better than a psychiatrist, a half-open window towards God for Mark. An enigma for Benjamin (aged 5) “How does Nelly know that Jesus loves me?” You have shown the way of joy, the happiness of meeting and going towards God.


Colette Personally I want to thank you for all your support and your participation at the open tables in the parish and, more recently, in the friendly walks for the “Secours Catholique”. Thank you for starting our small group of prayer and meditation. To share the Word of God with you enabled the shedding of a different light, at another level, to enrich our reflexions.  A little question in passing: in a more general way, your discrete presence would it be synonymous with a tranquil strength

Sainte Mère Théodore Guérin

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